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Block sessions

When you purchase your four session block it is usually assumed that these will run weekly for four weeks. They can also be used for multiple classes in the same week. If you have a holiday or something unavoidable booked within that four week section please let me know as soon as possible and we can make exceptions. The four week booking system has been put in place because most classes are more comfortable with not too many people in . This can depend on many factors such as the size of the room, how many people are seated and whether the hall echoes - (This can affect people with hearing aids). Either way, I still have running costs and I feel that the monthly charge also gives you, the customer a feel of commitment. Obviously life doesn't always work out the way we hope and I'm always happy to discuss unused sessions. 

The block session is designed to be considerably less expensive than pay per class, so that even if you missed a booked class, the cost difference to you would be negligible. For me, it gives security as a small business owner and allows classes to continue. 

In the unlikely event that I have to miss a session, all booked sessions will be rolled over. 


Payments can be made using the online system or in person. In person payments can be made by card or in cash. Payments for block sessions need to be made at the start of the first session. Pay per session payments should be made at the start of the class. 

I can not take card payments on the phone at the moment. 


Refunds are available in some circumstances and I am always happy to talk about these occasions. 

If you have not used any of your class bookings and it is 7 days or more before your booking, a full refund will be available. 

Classes for Youngsters

The recommended age is 7 to 16 but I am happy to consider a keen, well behaved younger member. Older members should join the adult class. Parents may stay but they will be kindly asked to be very quiet and allow the class to go on as it should. Ideally, parents should leave - you will have many opportunities to see your child's progress.

I have a DBS available which can be shown on request. I have three children of my own and am also an adult leader for a new cadet unit. 


I am myself awaiting an assessment for ADHD. My daughter has autism. I am well versed in working with youngsters who are SEN whether already diagnosed or suspected. I am most happy to welcome all youngsters to the class, regardless of ability or beliefs. 

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