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The most frequently asked questions - answered!

What should I wear? 

(watch the video for the full answer!) 

Loose clothing, something soft, light, and not too grippy on the feet. 

I'm a beginner is that okay?

Yes, I've designed my classes so that people can drop in throughout the year when it suits them. There's always someone you can watch and my classes are very easy - going. 

Watch this video which answers THE most asked question...

What to wear or bring...

What forms / style do you do?

We practice Yang style. We do a few forms, 10 (sometimes known as 8) 24 (also known as short form) 32 sword forms (classes have not completed this yet) and during 2024 we will being 108 (traditional long form). I'd like to also throw in some 18 fan forms for fun :) 

How much are classes?

Classes are £7 per person per session from April 2024. I accept card or cash. I give loyalty cards and you can obtain free sessions regardless of how you pay and whether you pay in advance. I try to keep my classes reasonably priced and affordable. 

If you'd like to pay more (and some people do) then that's fine, and I thank you, and if you need to pay less (and some people do) then that is also fine, and the two will balance each other out. (yin and yang) :) 

Can you give one off group talks?

Yes, please see the section via the home page for information and prices. 

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