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About me and my classes...

I began classes in 2018 and both the classes and the world have evolved immensely in that time. I have been enjoying martial arts since I was 18. During that time I learned also about meditation, mindfulness, and Buddhist relaxation which influenced my later interests. 

I still like to learn new things every day and I try to learn from as many people from around the globe as possible. I believe the body is an amazing vessel and the spirit is a little-understood mini miracle. 

In late 2o23 I was finally diagnosed with ADHD - and while some may think it's a non-existent condition that people use as an excuse for poor behaviour, it is, in reality, a difficult condition to live with and control and sometimes leaves the sufferer with extremes of emotion. This is where my classes have helped - but it seems that the more open I have been about this and other connected issues such as generalised anxiety disorder, the easier others within the classes have found it to open up and have conversations about these things too. I love that I've managed to accidentally create that safe space for people, and that they can come and relax and calm their mind with me at least for one hour a week. 

As you browse the site, you'll also see I write a bi-monthly magazine which is free for regular class members and available for others to purchase or subscribe to. I love writing and this is where a lot of my creative passion goes these days. There's also colouring pages which I enjoy making. This is all part of an overall idea to create peace and wellbeing all of the time and not just for the one hour that people are within my classes. 

Towards the end of 2023 and into 2024 I've been working increasingly with Parkinson's UK and look forward to bringing further updates on adapted classes around the county.


Come along and try it out. Tai Chi isn't easy, but it has so many benefits if you're willing to persevere. I look forward to seeing you soon. 

Rache xx 

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