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Tai Chi & Qigong

Yang-style Tai Chi for health has a multitude of health benefits from being great for memory, balance, coordination, relaxation, relief of anxiety and depression symptoms, and is proven to stave off symptoms of dementia for longer. Qigong is concentrated more on the body and optimum internal health, and its movements have specific functions and uses. We follow and understand the Taoist philosophy which Tai Chi and Qigong stem from and are very much still a part of in the present day. 

In Calmness, 
We are strong.

Joining A Class As A Beginner...

I Understand... It's difficult to come along to something you don't know, when you think everyone there will know everything and you're worried you might look or feel 'silly'. Well, don't worry - you won't! 

Tai Chi is something that we're all, always learning and always improving. I've designed my classes now so that people can join in at any time. Come and stand in the middle so that you have people you can see on each side. If you get stuck, just watch for a bit. You'll see some of the regulars get stuck too! 

When you come to a class, just remember that Tai Chi takes a long time to learn. I've designed the syllabus so that you'll learn all of it at some point and you'll pick bits up through the weeks. Some weeks are easier than others. If you want to start on an easy week, then join on a Qigong week. If you want to watch for the first one, join on a forms week. 

One thing I do know, is that you've always wanted to give it a go. So come along. 

Give it a go. 



Monthly Schedule

First week of each month...

This is 'forms' week. 

We'll begin the class with a little Qigong to calm the mind and bring ourselves completely into the moment. This Class is all about simply going through our forms including part forms, so bring your swords and fans when we begin that one! 

Third week of the month...

We'll begin the lesson with a little Qigong and perhaps a form. This week is a learning week with lots of theory and practical based work getting into the depths of Tai Chi and increasing understanding of the forms. In 2024 we will begin 108 traditional long form. 

Second week of each month...

Due to popular demand! This is Qigong week. An entire lesson of Qigong either set forms or a selection of movements. This may be done in several sections with little breaks. This will be a very relaxing lesson and a fabulous one for beginners to join. 

Fourth and fifth weeks of the month...

Beginning each session with a little Qigong and maybe a form, we will work on forms, practice footwork and learn new things. Later in 2024 we will do a little 'push hands' for those who would like to - I may keep this as a separate workshop - I shall see how everyone feels. 

Current Classes, locations and times...

Monday - Strumshaw Community Hall - (mixed) 1pm

Monday - Knapton Village Hall - Qigong - 5.30pm

Monday - Knapton Village Hall - Tai Chi - 6.30pm

Thursday - Potter Heigham Village Hall - (beginners) 10am

Thursday - Potter Heigham Village Hall - (intermediates) 11am

Thursday - Wroxham Church Hall - (Intermediates) 6pm

Friday - Acle Methodist Church Room - (mixed + seated) 10am

Tai Chi and Parksinson's

Tai Chi is one of a collection of excercises that is especially useful for people with Parksinson's with one of the main benefits being that it helps with balance and posture. It is also relaxing and social and can help with feelings of unhappiness and isolation that sometimes come with the diagnosis. 

If you are newly diagnosed / early stage or are already quite active, you may find that you can join in with a regular class. Starting early and combining Tai Chi with other more vigorous exercise can slow the pace of your symptoms and improve your general well being. 

If you are further down the line and finding balance and posture more difficult or have other issues as a result of side effects of your medication, you may find my adapted classes more appropriate. These are in early stages currently and there aren't many available - however, if you can't see anything suitable on the website, do contact me as there could be a need in your area and I may already be planning something. 

Look out for a regular weekly class coming soon in '24 which will be in the North Walsham area. Do come along to the North Walsham Parkinson's meet up once a month on the second Tuesday of each month - if you'd like details send me a message and I'll give you some contact details. 

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