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Potter Heigham Class is currently full -


for beginners and anyone else that finds the time easier at 10am on Thursdays from 15th Feb '24. 

11am Class is running as usual straight after! 

If you usually attend this class and can't book, don't worry, just turn up, I'm expecting you! 

Decide which class style and location in best for you on these class pages, where you can view the timetable and see what happens in each style of class. 

For more information on each type of class, click on the page links or go to the drop-down menu in the main menu area above. Also view the FAQ page, if you have any questions I haven't thought of, or would like advice about a class, do contact me. 

Class Schedule

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What's available?

Tai Chi for all;

This is the main type of class that I have - a normal Tai Chi session where we learn the sequences and form combinations from beginner to more advanced and have fun with sword forms and fan forms!

To find out what a normal session would entail please click here:  

Seated / Flow class;

This class is aimed at customers who can't stand for as long, have health conditions which mean they can't do the usual classes, or for people who can't, or don't want to learn sequences. These classes vary in length and may be a little shorter. For more information please click here: 

One off demo for groups and clubs;

Women's Institute, Forget me not cafes, Parkinson's groups and other clubs, groups and gatherings are all fantastic places to get a taste of what Tai Chi can offer. My fee includes a short talk about what Tai Chi is and its health benefits. For more information please click here: 

Private Tai Chi sessions;

Private sessions are a wonderful way to look into the world of Tai Chi and are taken for a number of reasons. These can be taken at my room in Acle at any time that I'm not otherwise teaching, or they can be taken on spare hall hours at Fleggburgh village Hall or Sutton village hall on the days I'm there. To find out more about private sessions, please click here:

Our Services


Discover the new 'unlimited' membership (coming soon)

The monthly membership will be available early in 2023. It will allow you to attend unlimted classes in person and give you access to all online videos and live classes so that you can vary your practice and make it exactly how you want, when you want, where you want. Even if you just did two sessions a week, it would take your session price down to £5! and that's without talking about access to the videos which will cover all aspects of meditation, mindfulness, and the Tai Chi that we do within our lessons. 

The monthly price will be £40. Join the mailing list below to take advantage of this as soon as it is released. 

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